Starting Javascript

Since this is not (just) an Excel blog, I’ll be looking at applications of the Google Docs spreadsheet.  One of the attractions of the Google spreadsheet alternative is that it is linked to a scripting language, so I should be able to translate my VBA based applications to run on-line, since Microsoft don’t seem to be interested in providing this capability in their on-line offerings.

The only problem is that the Google spreadsheet uses Javascript, which I don’t know, so this post links to some Javascript resources for beginners.  If anyone has any other recommended sources, please leave a comment.

Eloquent JavaScript – A Modern Introduction to ProgrammingI have only just started reading this e-book, but so far I’m very impressed.  Very readable and easy to follow.  What’s even better is it’s free!  From the site:

Eloquent JavaScript is a book providing an introduction to the JavaScript programming language and programming in general.

A concise and balanced mix of principles and pragmatics. I loved the tutorial-style game-like program development. This book rekindled my earliest joys of programming. Plus, JavaScript!     —Brendan Eich, the man who gave us JavaScript

7 Free JavaScript E-Books and Tutorials:  Where I found the Eloquent Javascript book.  It has another 6 links to varied books, tutorials, code samples, and video lectures.

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  1. GREAT blogroll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I would love to put that blogroll on the site I am building.


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