More from Davey Graham

I finaly found an uninterupted recording of the “She Moves Through the Fair” variations, rejoicing in the title of:

She Moved Thru’ the Bizarre/ Blue Raga

Wikipedia has this to say about a Jimmy Page piece called White Summer:

“Alleged Davey Graham influence
In 1963, Davey Graham recorded “She Moved Thru the Bazaar,” a DADGAD guitar arrangement of the traditional Irish song “She Moved Through the Fair.” Graham’s cover version was an acoustic instrumental piece derivative of the original, that incorporated Indian raga influences. Page’s version, titled “White Summer,” has some similarities to Graham’s.”

Alleged? Graham’s cover version? Some similarities? Listen for yourself:

The track from Coda got deleted from YouTube for copyright reasons; we’ll see how long this one lasts

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1 Response to More from Davey Graham

  1. dougaj4 says:

    Wikipedia quote on Led Zeppelin’s “White Summer” and link to YouTube added.


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