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Paul Kelly and Joni Mitchell

Leading Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly is about to release a powerful new single that tackles Australia’s lack of action on climate change and environmental destruction. Entitled Sleep, Australia, Sleep, Kelly says the song is both “a lament in the form … Continue reading

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Clive James and Pete Atkin

Following The Barrow Poets, more poetic music from the early 70’s: Clive James finally succumbed to a long illness this week.  He was mainly known for his humorous work on TV and in writing, but he was also a prolific … Continue reading

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Two Assasinations

In 1975 John Fahey released an LP including the track “The Assassination of Stefan Grossman”: Stefan Grossman responded in the only way possible, with the assassination of John Fahey: Why John Fahey chose to assassinate Stefan Grossman in the first … Continue reading

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Malinda sings A Song About Nothing

Malinda Kathleen Reese mostly sings popular songs, after passing the lyrics through Google Translate multiple times. But this is something else:

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The Barrow Poets

The Barrow Poets  (according to this site) started out selling poems from barrows in the late 1950s, then moved into performing in pubs.  I saw them performing in London, probably in 1972.  In spite of their undoubted originality and creativity, … Continue reading

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1952 Vincent Black Lighting

A live performance from Richard Thompson: My favourite comment: “Trying to decide if Suzanne Vega and Louden Wainwright are looking on in awe or thinking “shit we’re next”!”

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Bett’s Dance

I have posted a link to Bert Jansch playing Bett’s Dance here before: Jansch and Renbourn live Here is another live version: … and (probably) a studio version, included on the album  “Living in the Shadows, Part 1”, which is available … Continue reading

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