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Two forks in the Celtic path

Re-visiting the Steeleye Span version of Tam Lin lead me to two very different musical groups that I had not heard of before: Anaïs Mitchell is an American singer-songwriter and musician, here performing another version of Tam Lin with Jefferson Hamer: … Continue reading

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Raw Impact in Cambodia – Please Donate

Raw Impact is a charity group providing practical help to poor communities in Cambodia: Sustainable and innovative projects with a hand-up model, focusing on simple yet powerful ways to change the game for the poorest of the poor by equipping … Continue reading

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A Hard Rain

I happened to be looking at an old post here; Various routes to and from Nottamun Town, featuring Bob Dylan’s performance of A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, which led me to Patti Smith’s performance of the same song at last year’s … Continue reading

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Hofstadter, Pahud, Bach

The latest ACO concert series features the Swiss flautist Emmanuel Pahud (interview here). The performance included J.S. Bach’s 6 Part Ricercar, from The Musical Offering, which was the inspiration for the final dialogue in Douglas Hofstadter’s Godel, Esher, Bach: Achilles … Continue reading

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Jansch and Renbourn live

Three recently uploaded You Tube recordings of live performances by guitarists Bert Jansch and John Renbourn.  As further evidence that the quality of a You Tube video is inversely proportional to the number of views, none of the three have … Continue reading

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Scottish Fiddlers

Yesterday I saw “Scotland the Brave” at the Sydney Opera House, featuring the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and Choir, and fiddler extraordinaire Marcus Holden: whose playing of Scottish fiddle music reminded me of Robin Williamson and the Incredible String Band: and lead … Continue reading

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Tam Lin

Tam Lin is a Scottish folk tale and song dating from 1549 or earlier. It is set at Carterhaugh (not Carter Hall), which is a real place. The song was widely re-interpreted in the British folk revival, most notably by Fairport  … Continue reading

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