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Amadou Suso

Seen on Spicks and Specks on Sunday night, Amadou Suso plays the kora, and is based in Melbourne: 800 years of music in one busker

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Raining on the Rock

Raining on the Rock is the name of a song by John Williamson; released in 1987, it was recently re-released with a new video: It is also what happened at Uluru this week:

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Ebony Buckle, New Scientist, and the 52 Hz Whale

We last heard from Ebony Buckle here nearly 8 years ago, but I noticed her name in an article on the back page of last week’s New Scientist, which noted that her latest work was inspired by the World’s loneliest … Continue reading

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Lost Sydney

Lost Sydney is a Facebook site with 100’s of photographs of Sydney, some dating back well over 100 years. This is Sydney’s story. Lost Sydney is not just about demolished buildings, it’s also about photos of Sydney’s past. Lost Sydney

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Four Forgotten Female Folkies

Barbara Dane In her speech to the GI Movement of the Vietnam War Era (whose text can be found in the booklet that’s included in Paredon Records’ FTA! Songs of the GI Resistance vinyl album of 1970), Barbara Dane said, “I was too stubborn … Continue reading

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