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Fast Search Reminder

A recent comment at Opening and searching pdf files from Excel reminded of the linked spreadsheet, which allows pdf files to be opened at a specified page from Excel, and also fast searches of the local hard drive: (free download … Continue reading

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More on Numba

Following my recent post Making Finite Element Analysis go faster … I have been having a closer look at the options in the Numba just-in-time compiler for improving the performance of Python code. The Numba docs include a series of short … Continue reading

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Concrete 2021

Edit 12th August: Extended early-bird registrations are now finally closing tomorrow, Friday 13th August! Concrete 2021 (the 30th Biennial Conference of the Concrete Institute of Australia) is just around the corner, and this year will be all on-line: The virtual … Continue reading

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Copying charts to a new workbook

When an Excel worksheet including a chart(s) is copied to a new workbook the chart still links to the data ranges in the original workbook. Over the years I have spent a fair bit of time editing the chart ranges … Continue reading

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A Numpy trap – correction

In my post of 30th May this year (here) I said that: As a check that the functions were working correctly, the Python functions were modified to return the sum of the largest array in the first row, revealing that … Continue reading

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