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Working with dynamic arrays in Excel

Many of the VBA functions available here return results as arrays, which must be entered by selecting the desired output range, then  pressing Ctrl-Shift-Enter (CSE).  This can be inconvenient (or at least untidy) when the size of the output array varies.  … Continue reading

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The Barrow Poets

The Barrow Poets  (according to this site) started out selling poems from barrows in the late 1950s, then moved into performing in pubs.  I saw them performing in London, probably in 1972.  In spite of their undoubted originality and creativity, … Continue reading

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How Reinforced Earth works

“Reinforced Earth” is the name of  a construction system widely used in retaining walls around the World.  Here is a short video demonstrating how the system works, which is both informative and entertaining:

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RC Design Functions 8_03

The RC Design Functions 8_03 spreadsheet is now available for free download from: RC Design The main changes are: The NA layer check has been corrected for compression steel in tension The new AS 3600 crack width and curvature … Continue reading

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The Largest Early World Map …

… is unveiled for the first time: Click image for link to map with pan and zoom: On July 25, 01585, near the end of a century of unprecedented change, four Japanese boys stopped in Milan on their way back … Continue reading

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1952 Vincent Black Lighting

A live performance from Richard Thompson: My favourite comment: “Trying to decide if Suzanne Vega and Louden Wainwright are looking on in awe or thinking “shit we’re next”!”

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3D Frame with zero stiffness hinges

The previous version of 3DFrame allowed for spring releases at beam ends, but if the release stiffness was entered as zero it was treated as a rigid connection for that freedom.  Effectively zero stiffness releases could be modelled by entering … Continue reading

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