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Getting Excel Solver working

Recently I found that for unknown reasons the Excel Solver add-in was not working. Opening the add-ins list from the Devloper tab showed that it had become deactivated (also accessible from File-Options-Add-ins): Clicking the Solver check box returned a message … Continue reading

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Listing Python modules and getting help docs from Excel

Python functions include detailed help documentation but to access this you need the full path to the function, including the names of all code modules and submodules. This post looks at how this information can be found using Excel with … Continue reading

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Pint, MPmath and implied units, working with Excel

Spreadsheets linking to the Python Pint and MPmath libraries have been presented here before at: Units and solvers with Pint and Sympy mpmath for Excel I have now updated the spreadsheet to work with pyxll, and with some new functions and … Continue reading

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3D Matplotlib Plots in Excel

As well as Excel, the code shown in this post requires current versions of Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, and pyxll. The required import statements at the head of the Python code are: The spreadsheets and Python code described below may be … Continue reading

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Free and Simple Tools for Editing Videos

I recently needed to extract 15 minutes from a 45 minute long video, in 5 separate clips. I discovered that there are free tools to do this simply and efficiently, although they are not widely advertised. Here’s how: By default, … Continue reading

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