RSS Feeds and Comments

I haven’t been using RSS feeds myself up to now, and I assumed they were just available for those who did, but it seems you have to activate them, so I have done that and you can now click on the buttons on the right which connect to:

Also I’d encourage readers to post comments with questions, suggestions, and additional information.  It’s the comments as much as the content that makes sites like Daily Dose of Excel such a valuable resource, and as the traffic here increases I hope we can develop an equally worthwhile dialog.

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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4 Responses to RSS Feeds and Comments

  1. D Grant says:

    I’ve followed your blog for some time now through the Google reader, in which you can just type in the blog’s address and it figures out the feed automatically. Not necessarily helpful for this blog now, but it’s worth knowing that it works for any blog, and most websites.


  2. JP says:

    I was already subscribed and using this URL for some time now:


  3. dougaj4 says:

    D Grant and JP – I should probably start using RSS feeds, and find out how they work 🙂


  4. JP says:

    Agreed — you can even consume them in VBA!


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