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Microsoft blocking VBA in downloaded files (or do they?)

Microsoft announced earlier this year that they would be automatically blocking macros in downloaded Office files (as a security measure), then recently they said they wouldn’t, then yesterday they said they would, but not right now. For more details, plus … Continue reading

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Removing Add-ins

Recently I had problems with an Excel Add-in that was still trying to run, and generating error messages, even after being removed from the add-in list and uninstalled. After much searching and trying suggested methods that didn’t work, I finally … Continue reading

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Getting Excel Solver working

Recently I found that for unknown reasons the Excel Solver add-in was not working. Opening the add-ins list from the Devloper tab showed that it had become deactivated (also accessible from File-Options-Add-ins): Clicking the Solver check box returned a message … Continue reading

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Free and Simple Tools for Editing Videos

I recently needed to extract 15 minutes from a 45 minute long video, in 5 separate clips. I discovered that there are free tools to do this simply and efficiently, although they are not widely advertised. Here’s how: By default, … Continue reading

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Clearing OneDrive download files in Android

I recently found that downloaded files on OneDrive on my Android pad had almost filled my storage space to capacity, and that the procedure to delete them was not at all obvious. I eventually found a link with detailed instructions … Continue reading

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