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One of the nice things about running a blog is that visitors leave the address of the site that lead them here, and if you follow these links back it sometimes takes you to fascinating sites that you would  never have otherwise seen (sometimes it also leads to the most tedious spam imaginable, but we won’t go into that).

So this evening I have discovered:

Pfadintegral dotCom – a quantitative finance site, but if they are happy to link to an engineer, I’m happy to return the favour.

And from their resources page:

Robert de Levie – Excellaneous a fellow “engineers and scientists” site.  Very un-flashy presentation, all on a single page, but lots of good content.

Visual Basic Tutorials – what it say, tutorials on VB (not VBA), and again excellent content

Visual Basic Secrets  – what they say about themselves: “”Here’s the thing though… even VB programmers that have been in the industry for years don’t realize the real power of VB because they don’t grasp (or realize) a few key concepts and functionalities that VB offers. These concepts aren’t taught, or at least are not emphasized the way they should, so I call them “VB SECRETS”.”

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  1. Hello Doug, thank you very much! Your contributions are always quite interesting and very useful. All the best, Martin


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