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Using ConbeamU

This post was prompted by a thread at Eng-Tips: The beam analysis functions in the ConbeamU spreadsheet allow for the use of any SI units, or any non-SI units found in the long list included with the spreadsheet. I … Continue reading

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Secondary moments in prestressed beams with FEA

Secondary (or hyperstatic) bending moments occur in prestressed beams that are continuous over internal supports, or have other redundant support conditions. Any eccentric prestress force will cause a beam to deflect, and if these deflections are restrained at internal supports, … Continue reading

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py_UMom spreadsheet and OptShearCap3600 function

I have now transferred the Ultimate Limit State design functions from the VBA RC Design Functions spreadsheet to Python format. The new spreadsheet and Python code can be downloaded from: The code also includes the OptShearCap3600 function, described in … Continue reading

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More on combined shear and bending design to AS 3600

Further to the last post on this subject I have been looking at procedures to speed up design for shear to AS 3600 when the “refined” analysis procedure is used. The issues that need to be addressed are: I have … Continue reading

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Latex Maths Text in Excel

There have been many posts here looking at alternative ways of working with functions entered as text on a spreadsheet, and working with units, most recently here. One drawback with this approach is that text in an Excel cell must … Continue reading

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