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My daughter needs support for her crowd funded film project; Just click http://www.indiegogo.com/DancingInFilm?a=553266 and have a look.

Hey guys,

So I’m emailing you all about a dance short film called ‘Emergence’ that I’ve been working on for the last six months and hoping you might be able to help spread the word in order to get this project made!

Emergence is about  a young man who hears a scream for help, but on investigating, finds his own life at risk from a haunting spirit.

It’s a modern day ghost story.

We’ve got a great team on board, have cast two dancers and found our location, and while we’ve raised some money and in kind support already, there’s a still a way to go in order to get this project made. So today we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign in the hopes of raising $3,000 to pay for the costs of insurance, lighting equipment and post production expenses.



We want to give back as much to the people who invest as we can, whether it’s in sharing the experience online or in actual conversations and access to the process. You can read more about our ‘rewards’ on the indiegogo site – but the main incentives are a chance to have coffee with the creatives and watch part of the shoot and edit, or if dance is more your focus then a chance to join a class led by our Choreographer Graeme Spencer at the Sydney Dance Company and a coffee afterwards to pick his brain on choreography, dancing and this project.

We feel like there hasn’t been enough projects that successfully bring together dance and story, and hope that we can make something that stands out form the crowd. We know there are others who want to see this kind of project and with crowdfunding believe that’s possible.

To read more about the journey you can at:


Honestly – any help would be greatly appreciated, whether it’s financial or just sharing this link to your friends. The more hits we get, the more chance our site will stay on the crowdfunding’s site’s main page and get seen by even more people and that chance to find its real audience.

Cheers all for reading and thanks in advance for spreading the word.

Keri x

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