Chain mail …

… or a collection of inter-connected links (all e-mailed by Alfred Vachris, and all worth a look):

3D scatter plot for MS Excel – free spreadsheet with proper 3D scatter plot function.

Excel Liberation

This is not another Excel tips and tricks site (although there is inevitably some of that). The aim of Excel Liberation and its related blog is to encourage you to take advantage of web capabilities without being constrained by having to do things the ‘Microsoft way’. You’ll see a few techniques, tips and tricks for sure, as well as fully functional sample applications in various languages and frameworks.

Engram 9 VBA Scripts – VBA blog, including Excel, Outlook and Autocad applications.

Dead Reckonings

This journal attempts to capture in brief essays my encounters with the technically elegant but nearly forgotten in the mathematical sciences–artistically creative works that can take our breath away with their brilliance.

Jorge R Viramontes Olivas – Maths, the Universe, and everything, including an assortment of JavaScript based apps.

Science v Magic – More JavaScript apps, including fractals, cellular automata, and geometry.

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