Tables and VBA

I don’t use Excel Tables much, and not at all from VBA (where they are known as ListObjects), but that should probably change, so here are four links with comprehensive help on using Tables from VBA:

A fifth link added 14th Jan 2018:

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5 Responses to Tables and VBA

  1. Thanks Doug, Here’s another post on your readers may be interested in. Best, w


  2. Thanks Doug. Seems the link is broken. Here is the updated link to Listing Toward…. Best, w


  3. Cameron Wallace says:

    Hi Doug,
    I created a blog post recently about the best ways to reference ListObjects in VBA. This is found at . Table names and their column (names and indexes) can be all changed inadvertently by users, and table names will change if the sheet is duplicated (unlike named ranges). The blog post gives solutions to those problems so VBA errors can be prevented.


    • dougaj4 says:

      Thanks Cameron, good to see another addition to the small band of people publishing on engineering with spreadsheets. I’ll add your link to the main article.

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