On not using Hungarian Notation, and VBA shortcuts

In June this year Michael Alexander at Bacon Bits had a post on using Hungarian Notation (or not).  It contained the following quote from Stackoverflow, which for me sums up excellently a good reason for not using it:

“vUsing adjHungarian nNotation vMakes nReading nCode adjDifficult”

But what really made the post useful for me was a comment from Freek van Gilst, who posted a couple of very useful keyboard short-cuts available in VBA:

 When you have the cursor on a variable you can press Ctrl-i to get a tooltip with the type (and scope).
Or press Shift-F2 to jump to the declaration (and Ctrl-Shift-F2 to return to your original position).

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1 Response to On not using Hungarian Notation, and VBA shortcuts

  1. You’re welcome 🙂
    The VBA IDE isn’t as useless as one would think (given that it hasn’t changed for about two decades). And you can easily extend it. But just browsing through the menu’s you can find that they already included some useful options back in the nineties.

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