ImageMagick – Update and add IrfanView link

The picture indexing spreadsheet presented in the previous post has been updated:

  • Comments can now be added adjacent to the file names, and these will be copied along with the Exif data
  • The routine to copy the exif data to the spreadsheet has been modified to speed things up.
  • Select a file name from the list or from the “Pictures” sheet, and press Ctrl-S, and the picture will display full screen in IrfanView.
  • If a “l” or “r” is inserted next to the comment the picture display will be rotated.
  • Select a range of file names from the list, and they will be displayed in sequence (press “esc” twice, or Alt-F4 to move to the next picture).

Download from


  • IrfanView is a free program and may be downloaded from here: download
  • If the IrfanView executable file is installed in a directory other than “C:\Program Files\IrfanView\” then enter the full path (including i_view32.exe) in the appropriate cell on the IViewPath sheet.
  • The routine to connect to IrfanView used the ShellandWait function by Chip Pearson, which is documented here: ShellandWait
  • When a series of files are selected they may be displayed as a slide show by entering the desired length of display (in seconds) in the box “Slideshow delay”, but when the display is finished each picture file must be closed by pressing Alt-F4, or “esc” twice.  If anyone can tell me how to close IrfanView after a specified period (through the Shell command, or otherwise) please let me know.
Screen shot

Screen shot

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4 Responses to ImageMagick – Update and add IrfanView link

  1. dougaj4 says:

    Thomas – thanks for the link; that looks like it might be what I need.


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