Excel 2007 performance – Microsoft looking for feedback

The latest post on the Microsoft Excel Blog is asking for comment on slow performance of Excel 2007, specifically related to VBA:

Microsoft Excel Blog

I encourage everyone to respond!

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1 Response to Excel 2007 performance – Microsoft looking for feedback

  1. In one of my Excel 2003 Tools I have grouped a Text Box (Shape), Combo and a Chart and I am making this Group Visible or Hide through Code. But, when I run this tool in Excel 2007 Combo box goes out of the grouping (not a part of the same group).

    Excel 2007 doesn’t have full compatibility with 2003. I am yet to hear anything positive about 2007. Although, it definitely scores over its predecessors on formatting, colours and shading.

    Menu ribbon is quite interesting – will take time for users to get accustomed to it – finding various menu options.

    Its a tricky situation for the people making tools in excels for their customers. There will always be people using 2003 and 2007 but 2007 definitely needs to have more compatibility for its previous versions.

    In PowerPoint, MS have removed macro recording altogether. This I feel should have remained. Don’t know why they did so.

    In short, transition to Office 2007 doesn’t seem to be easy.


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