What to do about YouTube comments

One of the less than wonderful things about YouTube is that the comments that accompany even the finest of videos are often of such an appalling standard that to call them puerile would be an affront to children.

Here is the solution, from Julien Oster:

FeynTube – transform YouTube comments into reasonable and smart ones

“FeynTube is a small Greasemonkey script that transforms the atrocity that YouTube comments are into reasonable and smart quotes that are actually readable without causing unexpected damage to your enjoyment, mind, temper and any vital organs (because with YouTube comments, you never know). (Greasemonkey, in turn, is a very nice Firefox extension that allows you to customize webpages.)

FeynTube achieves this accomplishment by doing the only conceivable thing: removing all YouTube comments (from your display, unfortunately they’re still on the servers) and replacing them with actual quotes from famous nobel-price physicist and elaborate skirt chaser Richard Feynman.

I wrote it because I actually like watching videos on YouTube, but, despite better knowledge, sometimes just couldn’t restrain myself from scrolling down and reading some of the comments–with horrible consequences. So I wrote this small script. Now, everytime I scroll down to the comment section, I can read something worthwile.”

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2 Responses to What to do about YouTube comments

  1. Simon says:

    Neat Doug
    Thanks for the link, am using it and loving it.
    The comments on some of the skateboard vids are as sad as sad can be so this really raises the tone.


  2. Grey says:

    Thanks for the link.


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