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Wembley Tower 2

Following from the previous post, nearly all of the 68 designs for the Wembley Tower were in steel or iron, but there was just one with a truly unique design feature, it was to be built of concrete: If it … Continue reading

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The Wembly Tower

Late in the 19th Century a group of Londoners decided that London should have a tower taller and grander than the Eiffel Tower.  A competition was held, and construction started at the then rural area near Wembly, but construction and … Continue reading

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Concrete Stress Blocks

Back in 2010 and 2011 posts here looked at a comparison of alternative stress blocks in the then new AS 3600, and a procedure for calculating parameters for a rectangular stress block exactly equivalent to the Eurocode 2 parabolic-rectangular stress … Continue reading

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Deflections and Moments in Rectangular Plates

Following a question here I have compared tabulated coefficients for deflections and bending moments in a rectangular plate with results of a Strand7 analysis using 8 noded plate/shell elements.  The results are summarised below, and in a spreadsheet which also … Continue reading

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Section Properties for Rotated Shapes

I have just posted an update to my section properties spreadsheet, last discussed at: Using Section Properties- Group The new version can be downloaded from: Section The main sheet provides section properties for a wide variety of defined shapes: This … Continue reading

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