Stringing more than two words together

It has always seemed strange to me that the Excel function Concatenate(), which has such a long name, provides no additional functionality over using the & operator.

The TextString function is a simple User Defined Function (UDF) which provides the following additional features:

  1. The cells to be concatenated are defined as a single row range, rather than separate cells.
  2. An optional separator character may be specified.
  3. Numbers, including dates, times and currency are concatenated as displayed

A spreadsheet including full open source code and examples may be downloaded from: TextString.xls

Typical output (and results of the Concatenate function) are shown in the screen shot below:

TextString Output, click for full size view

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5 Responses to Stringing more than two words together

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  2. Rob says:

    This is a really helpful UDF. But is there a reason it only works with a range of columns and not a range of rows?


  3. Rob says:

    That’s great. Thanks


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