coffeescup a.k.a. lemonflower

Browsing for anything new on You Tube I come across a cover of Anne Briggs’ “Go Your Way”.  Typical You Tube home produced standard, jerky out of sync video, dim lighting, adjust the controls before the song starts, yawn … then she starts singing.

4 minutes 30 seconds later I’m a convert.  Someone says she has a nice voice; she has a nice voice like Shakespeare had a bit of a way with words.  She makes this Anne Briggs song her own, and I can think of no higher praise.  Have a listen:

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20 Responses to coffeescup a.k.a. lemonflower

  1. dougaj4 says:

    haunting voice

    Absolutely! I also love the wide range of material she covers. Everything from traditional English folk songs to Bruce Springsteen.


  2. Brian A. Smith says:

    The question is…..who is this mysterious young woman with the ethereal voice who answers only to “lemonflower” or “coffeescup” and won’t respond to emails? I’ve tried, in vain, to contact her in an attempt to book some performances in Northern California (she lives in or around Austin, Texas), but to no avail. Check out her original song “Hold On Forever”, also on YouTube.


  3. ted kelsey says:

    Does coffeescup have any recorded music? She is divine


  4. Paul York says:

    She is great. She is my favourite singer now. She ranks with any great singer in the history of music. I am in love with her voice.


  5. Paul York says:

    I should add that much of her appeal is her interpretation of the songs. She chooses the songs well — they all have a kind of melancholy wistful feel — and then she delivers them with real depth of feeling. That is the mark of a great singer: her soul is in the music, and the purity of her voice matches that great depth. These are song that could cause the hardest heart to melt.


  6. Paul York says:

    I posted her video on the Ellen DeGeneres FB fan site and hope that Ellen will put her on the show.


  7. rob says:

    check out her great version of donovan’s song Catch the Wind. It’s on Youtube too. Excellent!!!


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  9. Robert Chow says:

    I heard her cover before I heard the original.

    I’ve read comparisons to Baez, Collins, even Mitchell. But her voice is unique.


    • bruce perlman says:

      I like her voice too, but she needs some production assistance and multi-tracking

      Check out the early stuff by Renaissance especially the Annie Haslam stuff after she replaced Jane.


  10. Seth Hill says:

    I discovered “Coffeescup,” or “Lemonflower,” or “Barbara,” or whoever she may be, while searching for Ewan McColl songs. I agree with you all that she has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard. If she ever tries out for American Idol or something, she’ll become famous. I have a strange feeling there is something tragic about her, but I hope that’s only my reaction to the wonderful melancholy in her singing.


  11. dougaj4 says:

    bruce – I know what you mean, but I’m not sure I agree. Her performances could be more polished, sure. That would make them different, and more commercial, but I’m not sure better.

    Just as in many ways I prefer this performance by Sandy Denny:

    to this one:

    Thanks for the reminder about Renaissance. Probably my favourite group who’s records I never bought (I don’t know why not).


  12. BruceS says:

    FAR OUT.!…I’ve just discovered her too! She’s brilliant and gorgeous! Surely by now someone would have made her some kind of recording offer (and maybe offered a few guitar lessons…)….some of those youtube clips go back to 2008! Hey Seth Hill, let’s hope you’re wrong about the ‘tragic’ thing….


  13. Lyra says:

    She really is an amazing singer.

    I know that her surname might be Reese, but I’m not sure.

    Also, she might have been born 19 may 1981. And she might have been born in Michigan.


  14. Kev lawson says:

    Went to YouTube to listen to Anne Briggs – “Go Your Way” and listened to the above version at the same time. Sat transfixed for 4:30 mins. She has a unique quality. As good a singer as I have ever heard. Perhaps a sign of the times that record companies are not beating a path to her door.


  15. Kasia says:

    Does anyone know if Frances Everett is her real name??? She has an account in facebook.

    Some people call her Barbara in youtube.


  16. pix & kardz says:

    i have just bumped into this singer as well, and googling brought me here. she does have a vimeo site where she calls herself Frances Everett. a mystery for sure – and a poignant voice! thanks for sharing!


  17. Like to see her work with a voice coach. I’m not a musician.
    But, I think she would benefit from more control of the flow of the lyrics. Does this have something to do with control of ‘breathing’?
    This not a criticism, it is a genuine question. Love her music. I love her irish/English Traditional and Folk Music. Love minor chords.
    Her manner is exceeded only by her striking beauty! (Her skin is flawless…)


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