Daily Download 5: Frame Analysis

Leading on from yesterday’s continuous beam functions, today’s download covers four frame analysis spreadsheets, with increasing levels of complexity.  For those interested in the workings of the program I recommend working through each spreadsheet, but for practical applications the final two versions (Frame4.xlsb and 3DFrame.xlsb) provides the best functionality.

The spreadsheets may be downloaded from:


For instructions on linking to the compiled solver routines (provided with Frame4 and 3DFrame) see:
If you are using 64 bit Windows first see:
For 32 bit Windows go straight to:

The last blog posts on Frame4.xlsb are: Extending Frame4 with on sheet formulas, and Using Frame4 for truss analysis.
The latest on 3DFrame.xlsb are: 3DFrame – 3D Frame analysis for Excel and 3DFrame v1.01

Beam results from Beam4.xls

Deflected shape plot

Bending moment results for selected beams

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12 Responses to Daily Download 5: Frame Analysis

  1. Achille says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have downloaded Fram4.zip.
    It does not work, or better I cannot make it work as, I honestly admit, I do not know what to do or where to copy the 2 dll and the 1 tlb files.
    I understand that those files are necessary to make it work, but I am not very clever in VBA or MACRO and therefore I kindly ask you how to solve my problem.
    Thanks (and congratulations for your work with excel),


  2. napster says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was hoping if you could help me out with my problem. Do you have any reference regarding partial end releases for beams that i can use for my thesis please. For instance. node1 of a beam will be released by 10% in the mx or 90% release in the dz displacement? I believe, that the beam releases on the frame spreadsheets given above are 100%. which means that the released ends are transferred to another extra node.

    Thanks in advance



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  4. wang says:

    thank you for all this work, helps me understand more about FEA as well as vba programming.
    but in my analysis case, the vba solver has different results with frame3dd. i wrote a program for 2d frames, its results match frame3dd, but not with this excel program.
    you construct your stiffness martix starting with km(3,3), but in many textbooks, they start with km(1,1), can you please explain? is there something that i’m missing?


  5. Rober says:

    Hello! I’m really interested on havng a look at the 2d frame and 3d, but the download links does not seems to work. Can ou help? I’ll appreciate it a lot, as im trying to learn how to programm a solver in java, and for sure your work will help me!


    • robertocastanocrespo says:

      Forget it!! I’ve downloaded it on edge and worked like a charm. Thanks!


      • dougaj4 says:

        Chrome now has a problem with links starting http, rather than https. I have updated the download links on this page, and they should now work with Chrome as well.


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