Dynamic Maps

Some sites providing information about the world in the form of regularly updated maps:

NASA Earth Observatory

Includes regularly updated satellite images and maps of satellite obeservations:

Image of the day (click for full size view)

Global Maps

Global Maps Sample

USGS Earthquake Maps:

Global View, last 7 days

New Zealand


Locate planes equipped with satellite identification equipment, including flight number and destination:

Gloabal View

Zoom in to see who is flying over your roof:

Local view

Near Map:

High resolution photo-street maps; regularly updated with option to view earlier photos (currently Australian cities only):

Progress of Port Botany Expansion Project, Sydney:

Port Botany Expansion, 10th May 2010

Port Botany Expansion, 15 Jun 2010

Port Botany Expansion, 1 Aug 2010

Port Botany Expansion, 30 Dec 2010

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  1. Hui... says:

    One of my favorites sites which tracks natural disasters around the world is:


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