Fine as a Bee’s wing

Beeswing is song by Richard Thompson, said to be about, or at least inspired by Anne Briggs.  Here is what the man himself says about it:

“RICHARD THOMPSON: I wrote the song Beeswing kind of about her. There
was a thing in the 60s where people dropped out to live in the country and get
their heads together. People like Vashti Bunyan and Annie Briggs: these wild,
free spirited women. They were quite inspirational. Anne was great. I saw her a
couple of times in folk clubs, but the only times I only actually ever met her
she had drunk herself into unconsciousness.”

Taken from: Anne Briggs at 65, a very nice article on the life and times of the singer, finishing with this message: “Whatever she chooses to do next, it will be firmly on her own terms. Aged 62,  she seems as wary as ever of the glare of the spotlight, but is happy that her timeless music hasn’t been forgotten. And this most private and pleasant of
women has one last message to the world: “Say I’m OK,” she smiles. “You tell
them that.””

Further browsing took me to this lengthy discussion: She was a rare thing…, including song lyrics, and a link to this song:

… which surely provided the inspiration for another Richard Thompson song, from his time with Fairport Convention:

As for “the little unsaid”, all I can tell you is that he is a little unsung, but deserves not to be.  More here: the little unsaid

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