Year 10 Report

Last years’ statistics for this blog are now uploaded to Onedrive, and since this is now 10 years since the blog started, I have also included statistics since the start. The link to each post is preserved in the spreadsheet, so it makes a convenient index to what has been posted over the year, and what people are looking at from previous years. You should be able to access the links in the window below, or open the file in your browser or Excel, or download it.

Of the 2017 posts, the most popular overall was:

Weighted Least Squares Regression, using Excel, VBA, Alglib and Python

The most popular in the Newton category was:

The Conjugate Beam Method

and the most popular in the Bach category was:

Three tributes to John Clarke

From the “deserving but sadly neglected category” I have chosen (and they are all worth a look/listen):


Brent’s Method; Update and Examples


Setting up UDF Applications


Tam Lin

Over the 10 years of the blog I have selected the most popular post, and two runners up in each category:


Using LINEST for non-linear curve fitting

Units for Excel

Solving higher order polynomials

In the Newton category:

Frame Analysis with Excel – 4, 2D frame analysis

Elegant solutions, Column buckling, and the hole through the middle of the Earth

Reinforced Concrete – ULS capacity under combined axial load and biaxial bending

and in the Bach category:

George Gently, Matty Groves, and Ebony Buckle


Fine as a Bee’s wing

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1 Response to Year 10 Report

  1. lori says:

    Congrats on reaching this milestone! Ten years worth of high quality posts makes this a comprehensive resource for analysis and modelling with spreadsheets that I often revisit.


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