Frame4 Version 3.05; with support displacements

Hot on the heels of Version 3.04 comes Version 3.05.

A few days ago Julien asked if the Frame4 allowed for specified support deflections, to which I replied it would be added in the future.  Searching Google on the topic I found:
from which I discovered that it had been done already!

Download from:

The new version has some small amendments to make it compatible with the Alglib solver, and adds some brief documentation.  The screen shots below show example input and output, and results from Strand7 for the same problem, which are in near exact agreement.

Support displacement input

Support displacement input


Support displacement and reaction output


Deflected shape x 200


Horizontal beam moments


Strand7 output, reactions for Node 1

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7 Responses to Frame4 Version 3.05; with support displacements

  1. Julien says:

    I knew it ! Thank you !


  2. Julien says:


    Now I have another wish! I would like to have the opportunity to apply perpendicular distributed loads, by using local coordinate systems, to my beams. Is it possible ?



  3. Binh Pham says:

    I spent lots of time before to write a frame analysis spreadsheet. I wish I had seen this post before. Thanks Doug.
    However, it seems that the code does not compile. When I click on ‘Recalculate’, It can’t find ‘UCase’.


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