Deletionists vs Inclusionists

Port Macquarie is a small Australian coastal town just up the road from me (360 km, according to Google), which has a fairly undistinguished Presbyterian Church:


This church used to have its own article in Wikipedia, but the Wikipedia deletionists decided that it was insufficiently distinguished for such an honour, and deleted it, which was recorded by the Belligerati Blog in August 2008.

James Gleick (who does have a Wikipedia entry) came to hear of this, and wrote of it in his 2011 book “The Information”, so now The Port Macquarie Presbyterian Church has the unique quality of being the only Presbyterian Church having been mentioned by a Wikipedia-worthy author as having been deleted from Wikipedia.

This would surely make the church of sufficient note to be included in Wikipedia, but then its one claim to fame as a church deleted from Wikipedia would be gone, and they would have to delete it again.

And so on …

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