Frame Analysis with Excel

Starting from 2009 I have posted a series on frame analysis using Excel, starting from a simple “on-sheet” solution and working through to applications able to solve large 2D or 3D problems. To follow the analysis process it is best to read these posts in sequence, but the links between them are hidden in the comments, and in one case the link seems to be missing, so here is a list of all the frame analysis related posts, in date order:

This covers all the posts here directly related to the frame analysis spreadsheets.  There are also many related posts covering analysis of continuous beams, and on-going work on linking the frame analysis spreadsheets to Python based solver routines, and these may be found by selecting Frame Analysis in the Categories drop-down box in the top-right corner.

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1 Response to Frame Analysis with Excel

  1. hadwao says:

    looking forward for multiple loadcase definition in your spreadsheet, it will be a complete analysis system 🙂


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