Skydrive becomes Onedrive

As noted in the previous post, the free on-line disc space provided by Microsoft is no longer called Skydrive, but is now known as Onedrive.  On this occasion the change is not due to a desperate bid by their marketing department to combat the dominance of Google and Apple  in the on-line world, but rather a law suit by another company who claim to own the word “Sky”, which claim a British court decided to be valid.

For now, links to Skydrive still work, and if you try to generate an embedded link for use on WordPress from the new Onedrive, it won’t work.  The links generated by Microsoft have to be modified to actually work with the WordPress software, so WordPress automatically edits them whenever you save.  Unfortunately this process looks for the word “skydrive”, which is no longer to be found, so the link is deleted.  The solution is simple: generate the link in Onedrive, copy and paste into the WordPress editor (in text view), then just change the “one” in onedrive to “sky”  (see update below).

How long the skydrive links will continue to work, I don’t know, but for now this seems to be the only simple way to get a Sky/Onedrive embedded link to work in WordPress.

WordPress Forum discussion on the topic:
Skydrive to Onedrive

Edit 23 Feb 2014:

The WordPress developers have now updated their link routines to recognise “onedrive”, so the automatic link generated by the Onedrive site should work without modification.

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  1. URL changes are a pain! I feel lucky I used Dropbox here.


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