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Skydrive becomes Onedrive

As noted in the previous post, the free on-line disc space provided by Microsoft is no longer called Skydrive, but is now known as Onedrive.  On this occasion the change is not due to a desperate bid by their marketing … Continue reading

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Download update 2

I have updated the Downloads spreadsheet on Skydrive to include all new files added this year, and I have also added two Category columns, which link to the Download by Category page, giving more details and links for each file.  … Continue reading

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Embedding Skydrive worksheets in WordPress

On the Download page of this blog I have a list of files available for download, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet stored on the Microsoft Skydrive site.  I recently discovered that this link had stopped working, and that the … Continue reading

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Dynamic Excel on the Cloud With Javascript!

I have previously linked to a spreadsheet stored on Skydrive, but I have been disappointed that the possibilities for using live spreadsheets are greatly limited by the lack of support for VBA.  It seems that Microsoft have now decided to provide … Continue reading

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Elegant Solutions – completing the square

When I was at school (many years ago), if I recall correctly, we were told of the “completing the square” method of solving quadratic equations, but I never really appreciated the elegance of this method because it was treated as … Continue reading

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