Installing Windows 10 …

… did not go well.

After installing over night it needed another half hour or so to “just finish off a few things”, after which it briefly displayed the desktop, followed by a message saying that it was going to have to re-start because of an “INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR”.  Over the next half hour or so it repeated this three or four times.

Luckily someone here had the same problem and posted a very simple solution:

  • As soon as the “Windows” icon appears in the bottom left corner, right click and select Device Manager (or hold down the Windows key and press x).
  • Select Display adapters, double click the AMD driver, select the Driver tab, and click the disable button.

After that everything worked just fine, although re-starting was very slow.

Strangely, I have just checked the drivers, and the AMD driver seems to have re-enabled itself; but everything is still working.

As for opinions on Windows 10, it’s just an operating system.

Edit 4th August 2015:

I was going to say that at least the pdf content indexing and preview still worked, which it did on the day I did the upgrade, then yesterday the pdf preview stopped working.  No messages, just a blank space where the preview should be.  Looking at the Adobe site I found they now have a reader called Acrobat Reader DC, which I installed, and it worked.  I can’t say I like the new interface much, but it does the job.

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2 Responses to Installing Windows 10 …

  1. sam says:

    “As for opinions on Windows 10, it’s just an operating system”
    Agree with you 100% – I dont know why such hype on something the users hardly interacts with directly – The hype should be on the applications – Excel 2016 – hopefully will have Power BI (PP+PQ+PM+PV) fully integrated – in all versions

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    • dougaj4 says:

      sam – Exactly, which isn’t to say that the OS is not important, but it should just work in the background and let us get on with the interesting stuff.


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