Installing C# dll files, reminder

Installing the Frame4 spreadsheet on a new computer I had some problems registering the dll files required for the compiled solver routines, so here is a reminder of the procedure:

  • Copy the alglibnet2.dll and ALMatrixLib.dll files to the appropriate folder (see table below)
  • Run the correct version of the .Net regasm program, which generates a file “ALMatrixLib.tlb”:
    regasm /codebase C:\Windows\System32\ALMatrixLib.dll /tlb
  • Create a reference to the tlb file

There are detailed variations in this procedure, depending on whether the computer is running 32 or 64 bit Windows and Excel, and these are summarised below:


Having registered ALMatrixLib.dll it may be necessary to link to it from the Visual Basic Editor, Tools-References menu:


Note that the registered files appear in the System32 folder, even when they were copied to SysWOW32.

For more details see: Using Regasm.exe and Installing dlls on 64 bit Windows for more details.

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    Thanks for this huge information. This really very helpful.


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