Indexing pdf content, again

I discovered today that my latest computer (with 64 bit Windows 10) had not been indexing the content of pdf files, which makes doing a search on local file content pretty much a waste of time.  Checking the file search settings I found that the pdf setting indicated : “Registered ifilter is not found”.  Searching for a solution I found nothing official from either Microsoft or Adobe; neither did I find a very useful post from a blog by the name of NewtonExcelBach:

Indexing pdf content

The solution is to download the 64 bit ifilter from :

See the link above for more details.

While I was at it, I also decided to install the latest Acrobat Reader, but found at the Adobe site the only version apparently available was the DC (data cloud) version, which I did not want.  The secret here is to go to:

Acrobat Reader – Not DC

which looks like:


Once you select an operating system and a language, it then reveals that yes, actually you can still download the non-DC version of Acrobat Reader.





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2 Responses to Indexing pdf content, again

  1. Gary Keramidas says:

    I always download this one. I don’t distribute it, but it’s the full package I install on my pc.


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