3DFrame update

The update to the Glob_to_loc3 and Loc_to_glob3 functions (and associated functions) has now been transferred to the 3DFrame spreadsheet, which will now give correct results when beams are defined in the global negative Z direction.  The revised spreadsheet (including full open source code and compiled solver files) may be downloaded from:


See 3DFrame with spring releases for more details, including examples, and 3D Frames, axes and stiffness matrices for information on local axis conventions used, and details of the procedure for generating the 3D stiffness matrix.


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14 Responses to 3DFrame update

  1. Gizli says:

    This 3Dframe analysis programme is excellent.
    But I get an error message as following when I run it with VBA solver:

    I try to debugg it and the error happens in mFrameP44 at

    ReDim kvo(1 To nkvd, 1 To 1)

    I take the unchanged example exist in 3DFrame.zip
    I want/can not use the extern solvers.


    • dougaj4 says:

      It works on my machine (with 32 bit Excel), but I did find some unused functions, with calls to other functions that were missing, so I have commented all those out in 3DFrame-2_05a.xlsb

      Are you using 64 bit Excel? If so the microtimer function may be causing problems, so I have saved another update with that commented out (3DFrame-2_05b.xlsb).

      Both updates can be downloaded from: http://interactiveds.com.au/software/3DFrame-2_05draft.zip
      If you have any trouble downloading please e-mail me at dougaj4 at gmail.

      Could you let me know your Excel version, and if one or both (or neither) of the updates work for you?



  2. Gizli says:

    thanks for your effort.
    I have tried the file 3DFrame-2_05b.xlsb, i haven’t success.
    I am using Excel 2010 with 64bit but I also check it with Excel 2010 32bit version.
    It does not matter which solver I chooses.
    I get the same error:

    Compile error:
    Can’t find project or library

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    • dougaj4 says:

      That’s strange, on my machine if it can’t find the dll files it switches to VBA and runs OK.

      I’ll have another look tomorrow.


      • Alberto says:

        Just for knowledge I also came to what Gizli reported (Compile error: Can’t find project or library). And it happened with Excel 2013 32bit and Excel 2003 with W7 Professional. This last (Excel 2003) tested on another PC with XP SP3. Now it runs correctly on Excel 2013. I had to work on it to run it on Excel 2003 (and it seems to work). I only reported it now because I thought it was a problem with my PC, since on the same machine I installed two different versions of Excel and this It is not recommended.

        Thanks for the great work dougaj4.


    • dougaj4 says:

      Could you try either:
      Download: http://interactiveds.com.au/software/3DFrame-2_05draft.zip
      again. It now has a file called 3DFrame-2_05VBA.xlsb which I hope will work with the VBA solver option.
      Open 3DFrame-2_05b.xlsb and press Alt-F11 to open the VBA Editor.
      Select Tools-References. If ALMatrixlib is listed and has a tick to the left, click to unselect it, then save. If that doesn’t work try closing Excel and re-opening and try again.

      If that works for you please let me know, and I will upload a VBA only version, with all the references to the dll files removed.


      • Gizli says:

        The file called 3DFrame-2_05VBA.xlsb works. Very good 🙂
        Can you tell me how I create nodal moment?
        How can I create a hinge joint or sphrecal joint or Multiple point constraints?


      • dougaj4 says:

        I’m glad it worked!
        I’ll post an update in the next few days, and answer your questions as well.
        Could you give more details about what you are looking for in “multiple point restraints”?


  3. Gizli says:

    Hi dougaj4,
    how can I create a hinge joint or sphrecal joint?
    How can I create a bushing joint?

    Could you give me examples?



    • dougaj4 says:

      I have just posted links to new download files of the frame analysis spreadsheets, including VBA-only versions. I will post some examples in answer to your questions soon.
      Can you let me know what you mean by “multiple point constraints”?


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  5. Mounir Soufi says:

    is it possible to include gravity load in the excel sheet and how can we do it?
    is it possible to build a moving load module in the excel sheet or is it complicated?
    thank you


    • dougaj4 says:

      Gravity loads would be quite easy. Add a density column to the member properties table, as a force/m, then you can use the match and index functions to generate the loads on the Input2 sheet. I actually have a version with this automated in VBA in preparation, but it will be some time before I post that, so I will post an example of doing it on the spreadsheet.

      A general purpose moving load module would be quite complicated, but it wouldn’t be too hard to automate it for a specific beam or line of beams. At the moment the frame spreadsheets only analyse a single load case, so if you wanted to automate it, it would need some VBA to save results for each load step.

      The ConbeamU spreadsheet has a moving load function built in, but only for continuous beams:


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