Excel Uservoice and Python for Excel

The Excel Uservoice site is a forum for users to post suggestions for improvements to Excel.  A suggestion to add native Python support to Excel, as a replacement to VBA, has had by far the most votes since the start, and now Microsoft are looking at implementing that proposal, and have posted a questionnaire, asking how people use Excel and Python in their work:  Python as an Excel scripting language.

The disappointing (but not very surprising) thing about the survey is that although it has several questions about areas of work, it does not use the words “engineer” or “engineering” once.  So all you engineering Excel users out there, please complete the survey, and let Microsoft know what you use Excel for.


Has the free software at this site saved you time and/or money?
If so, please contribute to the Raw Impact charity group providing practical help to poor communities in Cambodia:

Everydayhero – Cambodia 2018

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  1. metrox says:

    Done 🙂


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