64 bit Excel and the Strand7 API

Back in May 2017 I posted a sample spreadsheet using the Strand7 API to allow Excel to read and write Strand7 node data and results.  A comment noted at the time that the spreadsheet was not working with 64 bit Excel.  Having now installed 64 bit Excel myself I can confirm that:

  • The API for the current Strand7 version (R2.4.6) does not work with 64 bit Excel.
  • The beta version of the next release (R3) is available for users with a current licence, and this has a full version of the API that supports 64 bit Excel.
  • The R3 beta version is currently updated on a monthly basis, and has to be reinstalled each month.
  • The API sample spreadsheet currently only supports the 32 bit API.  A 64 bit version will be uploaded in the near future.



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