Downloading with Chrome

I recently discovered (via a helpful comment) that clicking on any download link on this blog, when using Chrome, raised a message saying:

The site ahead contains harmful programs

I have now managed to get Google to agree that there are in fact no harmful programs, but in the process Chrome will now only download from links starting with https: but almost all the links inside blog posts start with http: and will not download using Chrome. Options that still work are:

  1. Use Edge, Internet Explorer, or possibly other browsers other than Chrome
  2. Click on the Downloads link from the menu at the top of the page. That links to a spreadsheet listing all the download files which all start with https: and work from Chrome.
  3. Leave a comment listing the file(s) you want to download, and I will edit the link

I have also deleted all the Excel files saved as .xls, .xlsb or .xlsm and will be re-uploading as zip files, and updating the downloads spreadsheet.

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