Upgrade to Python 3.10?

Python 3.10 was released on October 4th, rapidly followed by a new release of pyxll (5.3.0), but the Anaconda site does not seem to have it yet, so is it time to upgrade or not. A search on that question found:

Python 3.10 is now available–but should you switch to it immediately? And if not now, when?

The short answer is, no, you probably don’t want to switch immediately; quite possibly you can’t switch immediately. To understand why, we need to consider Python packaging, the software development process, and take a look at the history of past releases.

We can then make a guess about when Python 3.10 will actually be usable.

The problems with a new major Python release

I’m writing this article on October 5th, 2021, the day after 3.10 was released… and far too early to start using Python 3.10.

As with many open source projects, Python, Python libraries, and most of the toolchain and packages mentioned in this article are based on volunteer labor. None of this should be read as a complaint towards the people doing the maintenance, they’re doing hugely valuable work for free, and everything takes time. In addition, because upgrades involve so many different groups, coordination and releases take even more time.

With that in mind, let’s consider the problems with using 3.10 today: …

by Itamar Turner-Trauring

Full article

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