Free resources for earthquake design in Australia

… and other regions with low to moderate seismicity:

The SRIA’s free pdf Guide to Seismic design and detailing of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Australia is available from the link below. It was published in 2016 and was a precursor to many of the more recent seismic upgrades in AS 3600:2018.

Guide to Seismic Design and Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Australia

The Australian Earthquake Engineering Society produces a commentary to AS 1170.4 which was recently updated and is available as a free pdf download:

AS1170.4-2007 Commentary – 2nd Edition (2021)

Quake-Advice aims to assist structural engineers who are residing in areas that are away from any tectonic plate boundaries. These areas can be described as intraplate or “stable” as damaging earthquakes occur very infrequently in such tectonic setting. Structural engineers practising in these regions may have only limited, or no, experience in undertaking design checks for seismic actions on building structures in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Quake-Advice is scoped to include calculation methodologies for classification of the soil site, determination of the site amplification factors, interpretation of the response spectrum requirements, exercising independent checks on results from dynamic structural analyses that are generated from a commercial structural analysis package. The focus is on presenting materials that can be applied in design practices as opposed to research findings of pure academic interests.


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