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Importing Text Files; Unix Format

Text files generated on Unix systems have a different convention to denote the ends of lines to that used on Dos/Windows systems (see Newline for more details).  This was causing problems with the Text-in2 spreadsheet, with small files being imported with … Continue reading

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Dealing with dates 2: Getting cell data type and format code

When working with imported data, or data from an opened csv file, it is often important to know the data type that has been used to store the data.  This may not be obvious, for instance in the previous post we … Continue reading

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Transfer of arrays to/from Python with Pyxll – Part1; Data Types

This post will look at options for transferring arrays between Excel and Python using Pyxll, including data types, and problems associated with transferring mixed data types.  In the following post I will look at the relative performance of the various … Continue reading

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