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Rounding to significant figures

Edited 19th Feb 22, following comment from Larry Schuster Excel does not have a function to round numbers to a specified number of significant numbers, and (rather to my surprise) neither does Python. It is not too hard to write … Continue reading

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ConbeamU update

I recently discovered that the continuous beam function from the ConbeamU spreadsheet was giving incorrect results for cantilevers at the left hand end, if the cantilever had more than one segment and no point loads. The corrected version (Rel 4.16) … Continue reading

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On long and short formulas and VBA

A recent thread at Eng-Tips asked the following apparently simple question: Starting with a string consisting of numbers with a single central group of letters, how can this string be truncated at the end of the letters, so that for … Continue reading

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ULS Design Functions 2.13

Update 17 May 2022: Following discussion on 10-11 May 22 the download file has been updated to version 2.15, fixing problems with the interaction diagram with a rectangular stress block under high axial loads. I have uploaded another update to … Continue reading

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ULS Design Functions update

The ULS Design Functions spreadsheet has been updated with further changes related to the new Australian Standard for concrete structures; AS 3600-2018, and with some other fixes.  The new version can be downloaded from: ULS Design Functions.zip The changes in … Continue reading

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