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More on RC design of circular sections

Following the last post on this topic (Reinforced Concrete Design for Circular Sections to Eurocode 2) I have added provision for parabolic-linear concrete stress blocks to the ULS Design Functions spreadsheet. The Circu function in the RC Design Functions spreadsheet has … Continue reading

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Newton-Raphson and Brent’s Method – Solver examples

I recently discovered the Computing Skillset site (via open-struct-engineer), which has good information on the basis and use of the Newton-Raphson method: The Newton Raphson method explained, details, pictures, python code Highly instructive examples for the Newton Raphson method I … Continue reading

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Using Excel with Python and ctypes

The Strand7 API provides an interface between the Strand7 Finite Element Analysis program and external software. It works with many different languages, including Python, which uses ctypes to transfer data to and from the API functions. It is essential that … Continue reading

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Spherical Geometry and Vincenty’s Formulae

Wikipedia has detailed articles on: Spherical Geometry  and Vincenty’s Formulae (for geometric calculations on an ellipsoid). The spreadsheet Vincenty.zip uses those resources to perform the following calculations, using both on-sheet calculations and VBA user-defined functions (UDF’s): Calculation of distance and … Continue reading

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Concrete Stress Blocks

Back in 2010 and 2011 posts here looked at a comparison of alternative stress blocks in the then new AS 3600, and a procedure for calculating parameters for a rectangular stress block exactly equivalent to the Eurocode 2 parabolic-rectangular stress … Continue reading

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