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Importing tab delimited files and clearing large ranges

Wray Sisk commented on Importing text files with VBA – 3, asking if it could be modified to read tab delimited files. It could be, and has been; download here: Text-in2.ZIP It turned out to be a simple task; just … Continue reading

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Worksheetfunction vs UDF – 2

Previous Post In a recent post at microsoft.public.excel.programming Charles Williams (Decision Models) found that a VBA User Defined Funcion (UDF) searching through a defined range for a specified number was very much slower than simply using .worksheetfunction.match as below: Function VBAMatch2(arg … Continue reading

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Worksheetfunction vs UDF

The previous post provided VBA code for a number of trigonometric functions, most of which are already available in Excel.  Why bother you may say, why not just use the WorksheetFunction object?  The numbers below provide the answer: Time to … Continue reading

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