WolframAlpha is coming!

From the link:

“Some might say that Mathematica and A New Kind of Science are ambitious projects. But in recent years I’ve been hard at work on a still more ambitious project—called Wolfram|Alpha.

And I’m excited to say that in just two months it’s going to be going live:”


Sounds good, I hope it lives up to the hype 🙂

The “New Kind of Science” link above gives you free on-line access to the complete contents of the book.

A recent review:

Doug Lenat – I was positively impressed with Wolfram Alpha


The bottom line is that there are a large range of queries it can’t parse, and a large range of parsable queries it can’t answer even when it can answer the constituents out of which they should be answerable, but it handles a huge range of numeric and scientific queries correctly even in its current state.  And Dr. Wolfram and his team are chipping away at the natural language blocks, at the holes in the curated data repository, and at increasing the type and depth of logical combination of constituents, one by one, in priority order, just as they should.  I went in to the demo concerned that this might be a competitor to Cyc, given its “hand-curate knowledge and engineer it, versus let anyone add anything” philosophy, but came out of last night’s  demo and discussion seeing Alpha as a complementary technology.  I would invest in this, literally and figuratively.  If it is not gobbled up by one of the existing industry superpowers, his company may well grow to become one of them in a small number of years, with most of us setting our default browser to be Wolfram Alpha.  “

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