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VBA procedures for the Numerical Analysis of Tabular Functions

Long time on-line friend Alfred Vachris has recently been converting Fortran code developed through his working career into VBA: I had the opportunity to work at Grumman while going to Graduate School and they gave me a part-time job as … Continue reading

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Display Matplotlib animations in Excel

The latest version of pyxll (5.4.0) allows animations generated in Matplotlib to be simply copied to Excel. A spreadsheet with the examples shown below, and the associated Python code can be downloaded from: The screenshot below shows the simple … Continue reading

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Rounding to significant figures

Edited 19th Feb 22, following comment from Larry Schuster Excel does not have a function to round numbers to a specified number of significant numbers, and (rather to my surprise) neither does Python. It is not too hard to write … Continue reading

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SectionProperties update 3

The SectionProperties spreadsheets previously posted had limited graphics capabilities due to problems with the plotting routines causing Excel to crash. I have now fixed that problem by updating some Python libraries with pip: installing mkl-service numpy 1.21.2 -> 1.22.1 Pillow … Continue reading

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Plotting Mandelbrot in Excel with Matplotlib

The functions used in the previous post generate an array of integers, the number of iterations for the function return value to exceed 2. This post looks in more detail at how this data can be plotted in Excel using … Continue reading

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