Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering Blog

It seems that Microsoft are ramping up their efforts to get us really really excited about the impending release of the next version of Office.

Read all about it here

For me, the main thing I’d like to see in the next version (well the main thing that has some chance of being realised) is dramatically improved performance of re-draw time of complex graphics.

What, realistically, do you see as being the best thing that might be in Office 2010?

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1 Response to Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering Blog

  1. Menem says:

    Better VBA ide, if we can take this as just a token:
    “we made a number of improvements in programmability, such as closing the gap between XLM and VBA, enabling UDFs to run asynchronously, improving macro recording support, and enabling new integration scenarios with High Performance Computing clusters.”


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