Microsoft Present Lectures on Gravity …

… which seems fairly appropriate material for a blog called Newton Excel Bach.

Link here Feynman Lectures on Physics

Warning – requires Silverlight

Here’s a screen shot:


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1 Response to Microsoft Present Lectures on Gravity …

  1. Tim Mayes says:

    Doug, thanks for posting this. I’m not a physicist, but have always been interested in the subject. I think that I first learned of Feynman when I saw him testify before congress about the cause of the shuttle Challenger disaster (a disaster that I witnessed in person). Later, I read “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman” and recall enjoying it tremendously.

    Now, I get to watch him lecture, and it is truly amazing how easily (and with great humor) he explains complex subjects. Unfortunately, the first lecture cut off at about 36 minutes, but I’ll check back tomorrow to see if I can watch the rest. I’ll have to get that book out of whatever box I have it stored in so that I can reread it.


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