Reinforced Concrete Section Analysis – with prestress

The simplified reinforced concrete section analysis spreadsheet presented here has been revised to allow the input of a pre-tension stress to either or both layers of reinforcement.  The spreadsheet (including full open source code) can be downloaded from RC Design Functions5.

Note that this spreadsheet is intended for the analysis of rectangular beams or slabs with two layers of reinforcement.  For more complex sections refer to Reinforced Concrete Section Analysis – 5; Ultimate Limit State and Reinforced Concrete Section Analysis – 3.

In addition to the provision for prestressed reinforcement the revision also provides additional output data on section curvature, including analysis of tension stiffening effects and shrinkage according to the Eurocode EC2, and analysis of shrinkage curvature using a fictitious pre-compression stress applied to the reinforcement.  More details on these revisions will be given in a later post.

Typical Input and Output:

Estress input, including pre-stress

Estress input, including pre-stress


EStress Output

EStress Output

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  3. magdyamdb says:

    thank you very much. it is really a great job. thanks


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