Some New Links

A couple of return links to sites that have been sending traffic my way, and are well worth a look:

AJP Excel Information (Andy Pope’s site):

“The intention of this site is to be a useful resource of alternative solutions to the problems and limitations user encounter when using Microsoft® Excel.”

The Math Less Traveled

“Math? Beautiful? Yeah, right.

No fair, that’s not a question. But anyway, if you can’t understand how anyone could use the words “math” and “beautiful” in the same sentence, then I dare you to stick around a bit and see if you don’t change your mind. Math is about much more than figuring out when two trains will meet or calculating compound interest. Mathematics — like the hard sciences, but even more so — seeks to discover and understand the deep, elegant structure built into the very fabric of the universe. And it’s no surprise, really, that the deep mathematical structure of a universe featuring such things as clouds, crystal lattices, rainbows, galaxies, and atoms turns out to be beautiful. Personally, I see mathematics — and all beautiful structure in the universe — as evidence of a Creator at its source, but of course you can still appreciate it without sharing that belief.”

And finally a link to what is undoubtedly the most useful and comprehensive collection of Excel resources on the entire Internet (including the site run by Microsoft):

Pearson Software Consulting

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