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Brent’s Method; Update and Examples

Brent’s Method is a refinement of Newton’s Method for the numerical solution of any equation with one variable.  The User Defined Function (UDF) QuadBrent was described in:  The Inverse Quadratic Method 3 – Brent’s Method Following a recent question, I have … Continue reading

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Spreadsheets all the way down

If you need another reason to attend Excel Summit South, watch this video, and discover that mobile phones are spreadsheets all the way down.    

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A mystery curve links to Jupyter

Reviewing some of my less visited links recently, I was intrigued by a post at The Math Less Travelled: The previous post at the site provides more details of the source of the curve, and some links to an interactive … Continue reading

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Pi day of the Century

In North America, where today is 3-14-15, it is Pi day, and since there are not 31 days in April, the rest of us have to go along with that as well. Not only is it Pi day, it’s the … Continue reading

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Linking to Python with Excel-Python, and Python matrix functions

I have been experimenting for a few weeks with a new package linking Excel to Python, by the name of ExcelPython.  Here is what the author says about it: “ExcelPython is a lightweight, easily distributable library for interfacing Excel and … Continue reading

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