Digitising logarithmic scales

At the suggestion of the Exceltipsmonster, I have modified the DigitGraph spreadsheet presented in the previous post to also work with logarithmic scales. Dowload the updated spreadsheet from here.

The function now has two additional optional arguments, Xlog and Ylog:

 =DigitGraph(Shape Name, Xmax, Ymax,  Xorigin=0, Yorigin=0 ,Xlog=False ,Ylog=False)

Either or both scales may be entered as True, in which case the corresponding origin value must be greater than zero.

Log-Log graph example, click for full size view

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4 Responses to Digitising logarithmic scales

  1. Yes! This is exactly what I meant 🙂

    Excellent job!

    I’ll play with it a little during the weekend…


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  3. george lungu says:

    I apologize, the first number (artifact) was the number of points. My fault…


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