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DigitGraph Spreadsheet and WebPlot Digitiser

I have posted here previously a spreadsheet that allows XY data to be extracted from images of graphs, maps or other images of objects in a single plane: How to digitise a scanned image. I have updated the instructions for the … Continue reading

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Daily Download 10: Excel Digitiser

See How to digitise a scanned image and Digitising logarithmic scales.  This spreadsheet provides a function to retrieve coordinates of lines traced over a scanned image. Download from: http://interactiveds.com.au/software/DigitGraph.zip Example images:

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Digitising logarithmic scales

At the suggestion of the Exceltipsmonster, I have modified the DigitGraph spreadsheet presented in the previous post to also work with logarithmic scales. Dowload the updated spreadsheet from here. The function now has two additional optional arguments, Xlog and Ylog:  =DigitGraph(Shape Name, … Continue reading

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How to digitise a scanned image

For instance, suppose we had a graph from a technical paper, and we wanted to extract numerical data from the graph lines.  One way would be to measure the points by hand and calculate the numbers by scaling from the … Continue reading

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