LatPile update

I have just posted an update to the LatpilePY spreadsheet, fixing a bug in the way in which it read the first row of data from input PY curves, which was resulting in the program failing to run if there were two or more PY curves specified.

The revised spreadsheet, including full open source code, can be downloaded from

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2 Responses to LatPile update

  1. John Dietrich says:

    Thanks for posting this excel analysis. I am a structural analysis engineer with just enouogh civil to be dangerous. We have a need to do some parametric analyses to do preliminary sizing of laterally loaded piles in different types of soils. I have downloaded your spreadsheet, and converted it to US units of pounds and inches to match an LPILE analysis that we have for one soil condition. However, I can not match the analysis. I am sure I made a silly mistake somewhere, either in conversion, or input data, but can not find it. I would like to send you my converted spreadsheet, and see if you can find something. Would that be possible? Thanks in advance.
    John Dietrich


  2. dougaj4 says:

    John – I’ll be happy to have a look when I have time. E-mail to my Gmail address (dougaj4)



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