Blackwaterside Update

Back in 2008 I posted 4 versions of the folk song Blackwaterside. Since then I have found on Youtube a copy of Bert Jansch’s original version on his Jack Orion LP, which I much prefer to the live version I had posted. Also the Led Zep version had been deleted from Youtube (as they tend to be), so I have linked to another copy.

Listen to the new links here: Blackwaterside x 4 and Anne Briggs

Make that Blackwaterside x 5 (see first comment below)


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3 Responses to Blackwaterside Update

  1. Meid Goodyear says:

    Liam Clancy recorded an unaccomapnied version of Blackwater side in the 1960s on an eponymously titled LP. Haven’t heard that on fo rover 40 years!


  2. dougaj4 says:

    Meid – he’s on You Tube! Excellent performance!


  3. Totally cool performances, I had seen them a few years back but had lost the link. Totally worth checking out again. Great for a Friday night.



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